First Round Interviews

If you apply for a preferred service job opening and meet the minimum qualifications, you should receive a first round interview questionnaire. 

Typically, first round interview questionnaires are sent out a day or two after the job posting closes.  (Closing dates are found at the top of a job posting.)  These questionnaires are sent to the email address on your application.   You may want to check your junk or spam email folders to ensure these emails did not get routed to these folders.  You can also contact the HR Service Center at 615-741-4841 if you have not received it within one or two days of the job posting closing and while the survey is still open.  

Once the questionnaires are sent out, you will have five (5) calendar days, including any holidays, to complete them.  Once that five day window has ended, the questionnaires are closed and responses are sent to the agency where the position is located.  After the five day window has ended, questionnaires cannot be re-opened


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